Make After School Hours Something Your Child Will Get Excited About

Most of the time, kids look forward to the end of the day when that school bell has rung, signaling the time to go home. We wish to change that by making after-school hours an exciting and fun time for kids. Instead of going straight home to watch TV or do video games, our After School Martial Arts program will help them be busiest and most productive. 

All our activities will lead them to embrace the tenets of TaeKwon-Do, which are courtesy, perseverance, integrity, self-control, and the indomitable spirit.

Our Supportive Instructors Are Here to Guide Your Child

We want to make this the most comfortable and convenient way for your child to learn. We offer to pick our students up by our certified staff members, ensuring their complete safety. We also monitor our students that they are doing their homework on time, eating the right food, honing their leadership and self-defense skills, and building confidence. Every step of the way, our instructors are here to help them evolve.