Take Your Martial Arts Journey to New Heights in Davie and Cooper City

Discover an unmatched martial arts training experience at the Davie Traditional Taekwon-Do Center. We seamlessly fuse tradition with innovation, revitalizing Taekwon-do while staying true to its origins. Immerse yourself in our inviting, safe, and motivating training atmosphere. Here, individuals of all ages, spanning from children to adults, are inspired to thrive not just in their martial arts journey but also in academics and everyday life.

WELCOME TO Traditional Taekwon-Do Center Of Davie

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Discover What Sets Traditional Taekwon-Do Center of Davie Apart:

With a legacy spanning 32 years since our inception in 1991, the Traditional Taekwon-Do Center of Davie stands out in a crowded martial arts landscape. Our enduring history assures you of seasoned instructors dedicated to nurturing a stable, family-oriented environment that empowers you to achieve your personal goals. Experience a vibrant and supportive community that enhances your journey.

Choose from our four tailored programs designed to meet your specific aspirations, whether it's competition, weight loss, building connections, or enhancing your daily life. Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey?

Attain Fitness, Focus, and Spiritual Harmony: Unlock Your Full Potential

At Davie's Traditional Taekwondo Center, we uphold the ethos of pushing our students while honoring their individual paths. Starting with a gentle introduction, we steadily ramp up the intensity of our training. Our classes kick off with stretching and warm-up routines, paving the way for progressive training that guarantees ongoing improvement and harnesses the full rewards of each session. Expect each class to deliver an energizing workout, propelling you towards your next milestone. Immerse yourself in the remarkable synergy of mind, body, and spirit seamlessly aligning with one another.

Unlocking the Hidden Benefits of Taekwon-Do: Beyond Fitness, Mental Focus, and Indomitable Spirit

Lifetime Value

Exercise is everywhere, but true growth demands more than repetition. Break free from the monotony with Taekwon-Do, where challenges and achievements never run dry. With every level you conquer, you acquire skills that endure for a lifetime.

Empower Your Safety

While treadmill running has its merits, it's limited in practicality. In Taekwon-Do, you acquire valuable self-defense skills that extend far beyond the gym. Even our foundational training can become your lifeline in a real-world situation.

Embark on a Family Martial Arts Journey

At our school, we embrace the spirit of unity and growth as one big family. Here, parents and kids can train side by side, fostering a unique bond that few sports can offer. Our environment is carefully crafted to enhance the family experience.


We honor traditional martial arts


We instill its philosophy in our students


We follow the


Taekwon-do Student Oath
The Taekwon-do Student Oath

to guide our students

I Shall Observe the Principles of Tae Kwon-do

I Shall Respect the Instructors' and all Senior Ranks

I Shall Never Misuse Tae Kwon-do

I Shall Be a Champion of Freedom & Justice

I Shall Build a More Peaceful World