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Traditional Taekwon-Do Center Of Davie


As you may have noticed, there are martial arts schools on almost every corner nowadays. Here are just a few unique qualities that set us apart from the rest.

Established in 1991, we have been going strong for more than 27 years. This offers you an opportunity to learn from highly experienced instructors who are dedicated to providing a stable, family-oriented environment where you can excel in your personal goals and find a diverse and supportive community. With 4 different programs to choose from, if your plan is to compete, lose weight, meet like-minded people or increase your day-to-day life, we will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible while having fun doing it.

Why Martial Arts? Having your fitness, mental focus and an unbreakable spirit aren't enough. Consider some other benefits that TaeKwon-Do offers:

Lifetime Value

You can get exercise anywhere. Heck, you can buy some DVD's and get a good workout at home. How many times can you really watch the same workout though? Where does the next challenge come from? With TaeKwon-Do, you always have another level to achieve. There's always another goal ready for you to conquer. Oh and while you are conquering those goals, you are gaining skills that last a lifetime!


Running on a treadmill is great exercise. But unless you are preparing for the zombie apocalypse and plan to need that ability to run for 30 minutes, it won't do much good outside of that. With TaeKwon-Do you are learning to defend yourself. Even the basics of our program could very well save your life someday!

A Family Experience

Our school is your school. We work as a family to grow together. If you have kids, you can train right alongside them. What other sport can you really do that? Our school is designed for the family experience.

A Whole Body Experience

Something many successful people have in common, is a balanced lifestyle. To achieve this balance, you need to constantly grow in a few key areas. Fitness. Mental Focus. Spiritual Well Being. When those 3 are aligned, you are unstoppable!


No need to worry about fitting in.

We start you off slow and work up to the more intense training.


Each class starts with stretching and warm up.

Then we focus on progressive training so that you are always advancing and getting the most out of each class.


You can be sure that at every class, you will get a great workout and move a step closer to your next goal.

Plus, you can have that unbelievable feeling of having mind, body and spirit all working together.

We honor traditional martial arts
We instill its philosophy in our students
We follow the
Taekwon-do Student Oath
The Taekwon-do Student Oath

to guide our students

I Shall Observe the Principles of Tae Kwon-do

I Shall Respect the Instructors' and all Senior Ranks

I Shall Never Misuse Tae Kwon-do

I Shall Be a Champion of Freedom & Justice

I Shall Build a More Peaceful World

Our Team of Instructors

Are Passionate About Seeing You Thrive!

Darius Marta

-       Started Tae-Kwon-Do at 5 years old

-       Won the state tournament at 12 years old in Forms, Breaking, and Sparring

-       Has always had a pure passion for martial arts (parents put him to train at five years old because he was beating up all of the couches in the house and putting holes in the drywall)

-       In possession of over twenty 1st place medals and trophies in Forms, Breaking, and Sparring

-       Achieved 1st DAN Black Belt at 15 years old

-       Became an instructor (Kyosahnim) at 17 years old

-       Achieved 2nd DAN Black Belt at 22 years old

Grandmaster Nestor Cerda

Grandmaster Nestor Cerda

Sahbum-Nim 6th Dan

1988- Started training with Master Kwon. Over the past 21 years, Nestor has attended seminars given by Master Kwon in the United States in Florida, New York, Virginia, Puerto Rico, Germany, and Korea

1990- Received 1st Dan (1st Degree Black belt) 

1993- Received 2nd Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt)

1995- School Training Seminar By Grandmaster Kwon Jae Hwa (Munchen Germany)

1995- School Training & Seminar By Grandmaster Kwon Jae-Hwa (Augsburg, Germany)

1996- Received 3rd Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt)

2003- Received 4th Dan (4th Degree Black Belt)

2003- Benefiz Gala Stadisaai Furotenfeldruck (Germany)

2003 -Seul, Pusan Seminar By Grandmaster Kwon Jae Hwa (South Korea)

2005 - 40 Years Anniversary Gala Demonstration In Europe.

2006 - Received 5th Dan By Grandmaster Kwon Jae Hwa

2006 - Seminar & Training By Grandmaster Kwon Jar Hwa Graefeifing (Germany)

2007 - Spring Seminar & Training By Grandmaster Kwon Jae Hwa Bad Tolz (Germany)

2008 - 25th Years Anniversary Demonstration Gala Erlangen (Germany)

2008 - International Seminar By Grandmaster Kwon Jae Hwa Virginia (USA)

2014 - 49 years Anniversary Seminar By Grandmaster Kwon Jae Hwa Garmisch (Germany)

2015- Received 6th Dan (Grandmaster Degree) 

1994- Master Kwon Seminar New York

1995- October in Munchen, Erlangen an Augsburg Germany, Master Kwon Seminar

1996- Received 3rd Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt), Charity Make a Wish Foundation Demo.

1997- 5th Avenue Black Belt Seminar New York

2002- 10 Year Anniversary in Virginia - 10 Year Anniversary in Davie, Florida

2003- October in Bevefizgala, Stadia - November in Seoul and Pusan, Korea

2005- July, 25 Year Anniversary in Erlangen, Germany - October, 40 Year Anniversary in Europe

2006- Received 5th Dan (5th Degree Black Belt) 

2007- Spring Seminary in Germany

2008- 15 Year Anniversary - I Care I Cure Fundraiser and HANDY Fundraiser, Davie, Fl

Lisbeth Sandoval

Lisbeth Sandoval

Program Director

Lisbeth has been involved in martial arts for the last 8 years.  She and her daughter have trained with Grandmaster Nestor Cerda.  She has been in the US since 2006 when she moved from Costa Rica.  Her whole life she has been involved with helping children in one capacity or another.  Since her arrival, she was a stay-at-home mom until her daughter started school.  She started a career in hospitality while being involved intimately involved in her daughter’s school and practicing Martial Arts.  In 2019 she decided to work with the Traditional Taekwondo Center as a Program Director.