Come and Join Us For The School Homework Program In Davie! We Are Here For You!

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that the start of school is just a little over a month away and the uncertainty as to what school will look like next year remains to be seen. 

In the event that schools do not open, or partially open, I want you to know that we are preparing to help if you need a safe place to for your child to participate in distance learning while you are at work. A place where your child can get on line and log into their class, eat a healthy lunch, exercise, and be supervised 100% of the time.

Here is what I am proposing:

1)- We will provide work stations that are 10 feet apart where students can set up their own laptop or tablet and not be distracted while distance learning.

2)- We will make sure your child logs into their class and, once you learn your child’s schedule and share it with me, I can help support it during the day.

3) -We will assist with understanding the material and ensuring class work as well as homework is completed. 

4)- We will make sure your child eats the lunch and healthy snacks you provide.

5)- We can make sure brain breaks are taken throughout the day and provide a safe space for your child to take a break from the computer.

6)- When your child does not have to be online, and assignments have been completed, I will provide activities that enrich as well as relax such as exercise time, time to read silently to themselves, time to interact with friends, and free time. 

7)- Field trips and leaving the school are not an option.

8)- We will make sure that masks are worn, hands are washed and away from faces, and that your child is safe so that you do not have to worry while at work.

9)- We can promise to do our best to make sure your child logs into school, provide technical support, and make sure your child is safe.  

**Because of the level of supervision, the number of students I can support is limited. Times and schedules can be worked out on an individual base. If you are interested in this arrangement, let’s talk. Let’s build a solution together. 

A Warm and Happy Environment To Help Your Child Thrive

We believe that the setting means everything, and we want to provide the best set-up for your child, such as giving workstations 10 feet apart with their equipment so they may get the proper focus. We will also help your kids get their log-ins right, finish the homework on time, eat the proper meals, get good brain breaks to destress, do activities for the body and mind, and learn to stay put and not get distracted.

We will make sure to practice safety and hygiene protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping your child safe. Get in touch with us today, as slots may be limited.