Bully-Proof Your Child Through Martial Arts

Bully-Proof Your Child Through Martial Arts

Unfortunately, sometimes kids have to face a very common issue at school: Bullying. Either they are being bullied themselves or one of their friends is the victim of the school bully, but it is for sure that they are aware of this type of situations and, they are afraid of facing it or are embarrassed to tell you about it. In this post, we’ll provide you some tips to help your child.

The 3 P’s to Empower Your Child


We can prevent a fight by being aware of a bully before he/she is aware of us. Avoiding the bully is prevention.

Traditional Taekwondo teaches the students to avoid the fight as long as possible because martial arts gives you a huge advantage and the techniques should only be used to protect, not to abuse other or show off your skills.



We can learn to talk our way out of a fight with a bully before it happens. Being strong is not only demonstrated by how hard you punch or kick. Taekwondo builds your character and spirit. A strong mind and spirit are the foundations of a strong person. Through Martial Arts the students learn how to be ready for the confrontation, it also teaches to be alert and aware of your surroundings to get ready to act if the situation requires it.



We can stop a bully from hurting us by getting off the way or using self-defense techniques. A Taekwondo student learns how to react in front of an attacker, not only for protection but to also end the fight with one blow.


Teach your child the CALM method for when dealing with bullies:

C – Cooldown

When confronted by the bully, stay calm and always in control of yourself. Do not let him think he’s getting to you. Counting to twenty slowly inside your head is a good tool to help you relax. Whenever there’s a chance you might be injured, get help.


A – Assert yourself

Try the strategy with the bully just like you practiced.


L- Look at the teaser straight in the eye

Appear confident, hold your head high and stand tall. After all, bullies are not that brave as the pretend to be. Be ready to get into fight stance or to throw a block if the bully attacks.


M – Mean it!

Use a firm, strong voice. Say what you feel, but don’t be insulting, threaten or tease. The idea is to avoid the fight. You can teach the bully that there´s no need to fight.


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