Taekwon-Do Form Diagrams

Taekwon-Do Form Diagrams

A very important part of your Taekwondo training is practicing the forms or patterns (originally called hyeong, also teul). They are sequences of movements that allow the students to develop proper kinetics, strengthening the mind-body connection when performing the techniques on each step.


There are 19 forms in Traditional Taekwondo, and they are performed in accordance with The Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do written by General Choi Hon-Hi in 1983.


It could be hard for some students to remember all the movements of each form, that’s why we want to provide you with these cool diagrams to study and practice the sequences of the first 10 Taekwondo patterns. You can download this from your phone to keep them as a quick reference during your training.


01 Chon-Ji

Chon-Ji Form


02 Dan-Gun

Dan-Gun Form


03 Do-San

Do-San Form


04 Won-Hyo

Won-Hyo Form


05 Yul-Gok

Yul-Gok Form


06 Joong-Gun

Joong-Gun Form


07 Toi-Gye

Toi-Gye Form


08 Hwa-Rang

Hwa-Rang Form


09 Choong-Moo

Choong-Moo Form


10 Kwang-Gae

Kwang-Gae Form



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