2018 Summer Taekwon-do Summit

2018 Summer Taekwon-do Summit

On Saturday, June 9th we had an eventful day at Traditional Taekwon-Do, to say the least! A month prior to that day Sahbumnim Nestor was announcing to the students' that Saturday class would not be at its normal time at 10:00 am, instead, we had to be there at 3:00 pm. He mentioned there were a few other schools that were traveling and would be coming to train with us. Those of us who showed up were surprised to see the school packed with students from Tampa, Germany, Tamarac, and Sunrise. There were lots of black belts along with all color belts of all ages. When we lined up, the floor was full! What an amazing experience to train with so many students' from fellow schools. The best part, in my opinion, is experiencing a class taught by a different Master. Each Master taught for about 30 minutes. It is definitely challenging to train with a new teacher as each one has their own combinations of techniques, stretches, and exercises. It also wasn't the normal one hour class we were used to! We trained for at least 2 hours. The mirrors in the dojang were completely fogged as all of us trained diligently. We'd like to take a moment to thank all schools for visiting us. What a great experience to train with so many awesome martial artists. We'd like to thank Master Brunner as well as Master Carlos Rodriguez, Kyo Sa NimDarwin, and all other school owners, and students who attended. It is always a memorable experience to join together and train to bring all schools into one! 

For any adults reading this who have ever wondered about taking a Taekwon-do class, please know that martial arts are not just for children. It has so many amazing benefits to offer for adults. Just to name a few of the great things martial arts offers is full body workout, stress relief, weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight, gaining and maintaining flexibility which helps with back pain. We encourage adults to give it a try! It's also a fellow community of people working toward their goals. As you can see in this blog there are plenty of adults who have seen and felt the value of what martial arts training has to offer.

Thank you for reading this week's blog and a BIG thank you to all students for joining us to train at the Davie school. We look forward to another summit soon!

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