Davie Martial Arts Day 1 Of Summer Camp | Davie Martial Arts

Davie Martial Arts Day 1 Of Summer Camp | Davie Martial Arts



Day 1 of Summer Camp in Davie Was a Hit!


We are excited to say that Day 1 of Summer Camp was awesome! The first day consisted of a trip to the beach! The students' stretched and played in the sand. Beach days are fun for the kids to be able to get out in nature and enjoy a little bit of sunshine. Many times when parents' come into the school to enroll their children for martial arts, they complain of their children "spending too much time on electronics and tablets". Although we do allow a little bit of gamer time during summer camp, we are sure to provide a balanced amount of exercise and activities to help the children learn as well as play. With many more adventures planned, we are excited to for lots of awesome field trips like Butterfly world, Flamingo Gardens, bowling, etc!  We'll be sure to blog more soon to share our camp experiences!


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