What Is Taekwon-do? | Davie Martial Arts

What Is Taekwon-do? | Davie Martial Arts

The Korean Art of Self Defense


Taekwon-do, the Korean Art of Self Defense, traces its roots back through 1300 years of Korean history. In ancient times it was called "Tae Kyon", and primarily involved kicking techniques. In later years, hand techniques were incorporated and the name "Taekwon-do" was chosen. "Tae" refers to kick or blow with the foot: "Kwon", a punch or fist smash; and "Do", the art, way, or method. Collectively, "Taekwon-do" indicates a technique of unarmed self defense involving the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks, dodges, and interceptions with the hands and arms, and feet and legs in order to bring about the rapid destruction of an attacker.


Taekwon-do has evolved through the centuries, through various historical upheavals (including a concerted attempt by the Japanese during their occupation to destroy it and other distinctive aspects of Korean culture) to stand as an enduring part of Korean heritage. To this day it is practiced throughout Korea on the military training fields, by the police forces, and in the gymnasiums of all schools and universities. Taekwon-do has grown to where some 700,000 students practice the art in the United States alone, and the worldwide total is more than 7 million. 

Unlike some present-day interpretations of the martial arts, the primary goal of Taekwon-do, rather to destroy, is to build-up, to help each student develop himself physically, , mentally, and spiritually, to his full potential, thus helping him/her become a more well-rounded individual. The aims of Taekwon-do are to develop: courtesy, integrity, perserverence, self-control, and of course self-defense. 

Anyone, regardless of age or sex, can learn the devastating art of Taekwon-Do. Through proper instruction and supervision of classes by a qualified instructor, no injuries should occur during training.

An average Taekwon-Do student can learn adequate self-defense in about 6 months. However, proficiencyin the art is directly related to the individual student's interest and time spent training.


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