Update on the Davie Orange Blossom Parade | Davie Martial Arts

Update on the Davie Orange Blossom Parade | Davie Martial Arts


We won "Best Commercial Float" this year!

We are beyond excited and honored to announce this year we won Best Commercial Float in the 2018 Davie  81st Annual Orange Blossom Parade! 

It began Friday night. Some students' and parents stayed until almost 10:00 pm helping to build a structure on the float and decorating. Since this years theme was "Rockin Through the years", we went and got a lot of stickers, streamers, and rock n roll themed decorations! It was fun to see it all come together. By the end of the night, the float looked amazing. It had bright colors and metallic shiny streamers. Just enough to stand out and call attention!

Friday night we all stood aside and admired the awesome work we had done. Then we checked our weather radars and realized there was a major chance of rain! Sahbum-Nim Nestor parked the trailer under a big tent in the school plaza and we crossed our fingers for the best! That night it poured down rain!

The next day staff met with Sahbum-Nim at the school to find that our beautiful float had taken a beating from the rain and wind. We followed behind the trailer on the way to the parade and pieces were flying off and it was coming apart! I was a little discouraged seeing it fall apart in the wind as we arrived to the parade location but we brought tape! 

Once we arrived, we taped it back together, straightened up decorations, and fixed it up as much as possible. Some more rain fell but not too much! Students' began arriving in their rocking outfits and the day began! We began practicing forms and techniques we'd be using in the parade performance. What a great site to see everyone show up in their best costumes with a unique flair. It definitely set a nice sense of community among the students.

Parents' were kind enough to volunteer their time passing out flyers to onlooking parade goers as we walked up Davie Road with our rock music blasting! All students' did an amazing job demonstrating their Taekwon-do skills and performing very well.We are extremely grateful for the efforts and great work from the students and their parents.

The best part of all is that we won!!! To me, this was a great example of perseverance. The float was nearly pulled apart from the weather and we managed to piece it back together and win!

Sahbumnim Nestor and the Team at Traditional Taekwon-do Center of Davie would like to thank all participants from the bottom of our hearts! It was a great victory to share that day together!



By: Kelly H.

Program Director

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