Hold on to a Positive Image of Yourself | Davie Martial Arts

Hold on to a Positive Image of Yourself | Davie Martial Arts

The crucial point to remember is this: a negative self-image leads to defeat: a positive self-image leads to victory. Don't let others determine your hold on yourself! People can help reinforce your positive self -image, but never allow them to influence you to hold a low opinion of yourself or doubt your abilities. 

You cannot develop the pride it takes to be a winner if your self-image is negative. If you want to be a champion Black Belt Martial Artist, you must hold a positive image of yourself. Recognize that you have strong points as well as weak ones, just like everyone else. Never be ashamed of your abilities. You must like yourself and believe in yourself so that others will too!

A self-image is made, not born. You can improve your self-image by following a few suggestions:

1. Honestly evaluate your present self image. Get a clear picture of how you view yourself.Identify those qualities you admire and those you would like to change. Then dedicate yourself to making the changes.

2. Develop a positive relationship with people in your environment. This is especially important with your instructor, and others who will influence your life. Let them know they can count on you and develop a relationship that enables them to expect great things from you. 

3.Concentrate on succeeding in the future. Everyone has experienced failures or regretted certain actions. Look to the future and remove setbacks from your mind.

4. Develop good personal habits. Take pride in your appearance, dress neatly and keep yourself well groomed. Resolve to be on time wherever you go. These habits will improve other peoples image of you and help to boost your confidence.


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From Sahbum-Nim Nestor and the Team at Traditional Taekwon-do Center of Davie


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