Women's Martial Arts 1st Annual Recruitment Night in Davie!

Women's Martial Arts 1st Annual Recruitment Night in Davie!

Women's Recruitment Night Coming Soon!

Friday, January 19, 2018 at 7:00pm

When we posted the event for Women's Recruitment Night, we automatically got a good amount of responses from women!

We are excited to have this special event where women can invite their friends, co-workers, family members, daughters, neighbors, and anyone they know! There has been a misconception about martial arts. It's time we help to clear it up!

Most people associate martial arts with something mostly only children do. We often hear parents when they come in to enroll their kids say this, "I used to do karate when I was little." My automatic response to them is, "Well, why not try it again!" So, here is why we want to explain that martial arts is not only good for kids and men, it's also amazing for women!

As a woman I can explain some of the many great benefits I've noticed in my 7 years of training. Stretching is a major part of martial arts. As we all know it's important to stretch daily. This not only creates flexibility but it also helps to prevent and alleviate back pain. Losing weight is also one of the perks of training in Taekwon-Do. In 2010, I began training and lost nearly 100 pounds after giving birth to my son. I noticed that not only did I lose the weight but daily training helped me to maintain a healthy weight. There's also a great amount of cardio involved and it is also always a full body workout. The classes consist of learning forms, sparring, and different exercises that help to build muscular endurance. Self defense is another excellent thing that is learned in each class. None of us want to think about it but the world is a scary place. It is extremely important for us as women to learn how to defend ourselves in case of any danger. Then I will mention one final great benefit that I've noticed from training. I saved the best for last! ....Stress Relief! I'm a mother of 2 who works full time and has a million things to do at home all the time! Martial Arts has helped me tremendously to stay balanced. It can let out and vent any pent-up energy. By the end of class, I usually notice myself to be more relaxed and can even sleep better at night.

To the ladies of the world, I recommend trying martial arts. You might find that it's a great way to get in shape, stay in shape, and find a sense of balance in life. 

-Kelly H.


We are excited to see the women bring guests' to class. This is meant to be an empowering and exciting experience!

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