When Your Child Says They Want to Quit Taekwondo! | Davie Martial Arts

When Your Child Says They Want to Quit Taekwondo! | Davie Martial Arts

This particular blog was made specifically for parents' to read! Even if it hasn't happened yet, if your child is in a martial arts program or any other sport, most likely at some point they will want to quit! This is totally normal. It's up to you as the parent to weigh your options and see what the best options would be. Here are a few great tips to help you out! 



Here are some guidelines that will help your child to excel in martial arts:


• Pick a set schedule and do your best to stick to it. Belt promotions require
children to attend class consistently.

• Keep in mind that everyone progresses at their own pace. If you came in with a specific goal for your child, it will take time.

• Reward effort! Be as encouraging as possible.

• Parents are encouraged to stay and watch classes. If not all, at least once per week.

• Try not to be too picky, that’s our job! Slowly but surely form will improve so don’t
expect too much too soon.

• Remember, it is natural if your child doesn’t want to come to class every now and then.

• Have a routine. Don’t ask “Do you want to go to Tae Kwon-Do today?”
Remember, kids are present-focused, and if they are doing something fun they will
answer “no”. Instead, say, “It is time to go in 15 minutes, so please start to get ready.” 

• If resistance in coming to class persists, which it sometimes does, please let the instructor know. Often times a little instructor-student communication can do wonders.


Note: There are many differences between martial arts and other sports such as soccer, football, dance, etc. but the main one is that martial arts focuses on a value system which stems beyond physical exercise. We teach Courtesy, Integrity, Self-Control, and Perseverance. These life lessons are meant to resonate and help to build character in students of all ages. It is done in a controlled environment, which also, in the long run, helps children learn to work with large groups which in turn will teach them how to function well in society.


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