Understanding How Martial Arts Reduces Stress | Davie and Cooper Cities

Understanding How Martial Arts Reduces Stress | Davie and Cooper Cities

Understand how martial arts can reduce your stress and lessen your vulnerability to stress. 

The purpose of traditional martial arts is to train a warrior spirit or mind.[A warrior spirit can only fully form by developing the certain characteristics, all of which are highly helpful to building your coping mechanisms against stress, such as improving your decision-making, calming your fears, and projecting confidence. As the list in the step prior to this one shows, each of these elements is often absent in a highly stressed person, as hypersensitivity to other people's verbal and bodily cues and a high state of alertness for danger brought on by real or perceived dangers in the workplace, on the street, in social settings, etc. take over. And when anger or fear dominate, the thinking processes tend to shut down, and a constant state of being like this leaves you stressed. Learning the way of the warrior spirit may help you to contain your stress responses and teach you how to establish real focus and self-management. The following elements are usual parts of what you'll learn in your martial arts training:[4]

  • You will be responding to situations that involve fear.
  • You will be learning how to develop non-verbal behaviors that manage to communicate confidence to others.
  • You will be learning to remain calm under pressure
  • You will be learning how to make rapid decisions under stressful situations.


And... with all of that being said, there are many more excellent benefits of stress relief that can be found from martial arts training. When we exercise and get moving it helps with weight loss, keeping our heart healthy, building muscle, and releasing healthy chemical endorphins' that naturally melt stress away! 


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