Never Give Up...Tuesday Motivation

Never Give Up...Tuesday Motivation

When things aren't going as planned...Never Give Up!

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Other times, it seems like everything that could go wrong happens all at once. It is natural to get angry, sad, or upset in situations like this but it's best not to stay in this state of mind. Instead, try to use the anger or sadness as a tool to excel your situation. It is in these times we need to look deeper and take action to make changes. It's all about taking action. It all starts with the first step. Often times, the first step might feel scary but once you do it, you will immediately feel better. Some of the things that could help improve your state of mind are walking, jogging, taking up a new hobby, new interest, or exercise. For me personally, martial arts is what I like to do. Some of the things I noticed are that it calms me down. Martial arts also provides a way to vent. It can basically help to clear your mind and regain the focus that is needed to be at your best potential. I have been training in Taekwon-do for 6 years and it's one of the best things I could've done for myself. So if you have been experiencing problems or challenges, I recommend trying martial arts. You can start at any age, any height, any weight.... Taekwon-do is for everyone. 

-Kelly H.


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