Black Belt of the Week Winners!

Black Belt of the Week Winners!

Black Belt of the Week!

Every Wednesday all of our students' in the children's class rush into the dojang. It has become a fun tradition in our school to have a "Black Belt of the Week Contest"! This is when all students' are separated into teams. They line up systematically and showcase their martial art forms to the best of their ability. The beauty of this contest is that it sparks a healthy sense of competitive spirit. This is a day when the children give it their All and bring their 'A Game'! It is also a chance for a white, yellow, green, blue, or red belts to feel what it's like to wear an actual black belt. There is only one winner per week out of 60-80 kids, so naturally, some are a bit disappointed. The good that comes out of their disappointment is that they are back the next week competing harder than ever with great determination. One of the many philosophies behind Taekwon-do is the premise of never giving up and working hard. Taekwon-do also has the ability to instill great confidence in children. This in turn helps to build leadership skills which can be used throughout the students' lives. Today, we would like to say a big congratulations to all of the winners! They have displayed great courage and skills! 

* Be Sure to browse our website for lots of great information regarding children's classes as well as our 2016 Summer Camp. It's the best summer camp in Davie! We also offer classes for adults! Ages 4-100 are welcome to stop in for a trial class! 

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