Martial Arts Summer Camp Vs Regular Camp

Martial Arts Summer Camp Vs Regular Camp

Martial Arts Summer Camp vs. Regular Camp 

Martial Arts Summer Camp offers very unique benefits that your typical summer camps cannot offer! Of course our summer camp offers field trips, games, and fun......but the highlight this year is our LIFE SKILLS CLASS! This is a unique class which is done weekly. The purpose of this class is to sit down with the students and teach valuable lessons geared toward ultimate character development!The class is done in a group setting. Student participation is encouraged which in turn helps students to build confidence and communication skills. The topics consist of goal setting and values such as manners, courtesy, safety, anti-bully, stranger danger, and much more. By the end of the summer, our students are not the same as they were when they started. They've spent time growing stronger both physically and mentally all while receiving top not training and having a GREAT TIME!

Space is Limited! Be sure to Register as soon as possible for the Best Kids Martial Arts in Davie, Cooper, City, Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood area! 

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