Martial Arts VS the Gym

Martial Arts VS the Gym

Have you Ever wondered what the difference of joining a martial arts class or a gym?

Here are a few tips that will help you understand better the difference between Martial Arts training vs. Gym workout:

1.  Learning the skills of Self-defense, especially for women in dangerous situation is crucial in today‚Äôs society. Versus just lifting weights all day (what are you going to do pick up a dumbbell or Kettlebell and hit somebody in head). Good luck with that. Check this video in this link and make your own decision: (Home invasion caught on a Nanny-Cam)

 2. Whether your law enforcement or just a regular person learning how to fight, you gain the right skills to be able to a handle a very dangerous situation on the street.

 3. Gain confidence about yourself and build a strong aura. Awakening your spirit through Martial Arts training and meditation will help ease your stress levels that come with everyday life.

4. Walk away learning the Philosophy of the Art and mastery in your chosen Martial Arts field; it is a great life achievement.

 5. When you are training in Martial Arts you learn the proper way to stretch your body which will help you become more flexible then if you stretched yourself on your own every day. Not only will you learn proper self-defense and true techniques you will also get in the best shape of your life.

6. In Martial Arts you learn meditation and how to calm your mind. You will also develop a positive direction with your goals in life. With a Teacher or mentor to follow (Master or Sensei) you learn to become strong and unstoppable. With a Gym Workout you are only training one aspect of life which is your outer physical appearance with no positive direction or any mentor to help guide you when you need someone most.

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