How to Find a Martial Arts School Near Me

How to Find a Martial Arts School Near Me

There are many variables when it comes to choosing a martial arts school. Unfortunately, we can find a martial arts academy in almost every corner and many are led by people mainly interested in making money out of you instead of teaching the real martial art. We call these places “McDojos” due to their not so healthy practices. So, the search goes beyond just doing a Google search and go to the closest place.

Then, how can I find a good Taekwondo Academy near me?

We have 3 steps for you.


1. Find a Complete Curriculum

Taekwondo, like any other reputable martial art, covers a lot more than just the skills. Philosophy, meditation, self-defense, discipline, character, leadership, sparring, stretching and body conditioning are some of the main aspects that you should look after in a curriculum of any good school that teaches the real thing. All these areas of development will ensure you become a complete martial artist, and that goes beyond just kicking and punching. 😉

TIP: Check out their uniforms. Taekwondo uses white uniforms called Dobok and it has a reason for being this way. Schools without a proper understanding of the art usually have colorful uniforms or stripes or three hundred patches all over the students.


2. Find their Social Proof

Everybody can buy followers, so don’t just look at the follower’s number. Go further and check out their Google Reviews, go to and search for the name of the school you are interested in, check out their profile and read the reviews. This will give you a real idea, here you will read about the other face of the academy the one they don’t want you to see because they cannot control a review besides just replying.

TIP: Check their online presence and how real are their pictures. You can tell when someone is trying to hide something in social media. Pay attention to the details. Imagine you are stalking the girl/guy you like.


3. Request a Free Class

All the martial arts schools offer a free introductory class in order to let the potential students have a closer look at the school, instructors, classmates, etc. If, for any reason, you are not able to actively participate in the class schedule a time to view a class. This way you will also help you get a better insight of the school. The only way to know if a musician is good is by watching him perform. So, the same principle applies here. Go watch a class and when it finishes ask questions, all of them. Talk to the instructor and be honest, tell your story or if you are new to martial arts, tell them your goals and motivations to get involved with Taekwondo (or any other martial art).

TIP: By visiting the facilities you will also notice the cleanliness of the place. And if the school actually have students attending the class.


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