Halloween Party 2019

Halloween Party 2019

We are very excited to share with you this video because it is a summary of the tons of fun we had at our Halloween Party 2019. Party started at 7 pm on Friday, but we worked all week to make it possible. Master Nestor and Miss Lisbeth did a great job putting up all the cool decorations and getting the school ready for the party. The team also helped set up everything, even the youngest students offered to help. It was good to see them willing to be part of the entire process, not just the fun part.

The costumes were amazing! In the video, you will notice all the effort parents and students put in their outfits. We, of course, do a Costume Contest every year and the kids and parents love to participate. We had some crazy characters and also scary ones. 

We are very grateful for all the support and want to thank every parent and student for coming to this fun event.


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