Regular After School Care vs. Martial Arts After School Care

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After-School Martial Arts

We are approaching the 2017-2018 School Year! In the blink of an eye, it will be time for the kids' to go back to school! Toward the end of the summer is when parents' begin to plan where their children will be going after school and choosing different activities. Some parents' pick their children up daily but the majority of parents' have to work! So the big question is....What is the best option for After-School Care?

Some after cares do activities such as arts and crafts and play games. This is great, but most of the time the kids' do not get the proper amount of exercise. Here at Traditional Taekwon-do Center of Davie, we have it all! Our After-school Program sets aside time for the students' to get their homework done, arts & crafts, life-skills classes, and time to get a great workout! Our program is ALL inclusive! Our After-School Martial Arts provides transportation daily to our facility at no extra charge!

So for those that are curious of the major difference between regular after care and martial arts after care .... the difference is the students' not only get their homework done but also get sufficient amounts of exercise 5 days a week! They will be learning vital self defense techniques as well as very strong character development that will ensure they are Bully-Proof! These are the great benefits of Martial Arts After School in Davie!!!!! 

By- Kelly H


* For more information about our After School Martial Arts program, contact us today! We have classes for children ages 4-16! We offer transportation to schools around Davie, Cooper City, and Pembroke Pines! Call today for an appointment and we will be happy to give a tour of our facility!

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