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  • Taekwondo as a Lifestyle – Student Testimonial

    Taekwondo as a Lifestyle – Student Testimonial

    Martial Arts have a great impact on people’s development due to its big influence in every single area of their lives. It is important to make a good decision when choosing the right Taekwondo school for you or your children, considering that not every academy preserves the true spirit and philosophy of Traditional Taekwondo.
    We hope you find motivation through this testimonial.
    In this video, our student Jarvis Brown shares his experience training at the Traditional Taekwondo Center of Davie. He also tells us about the results he got from this beautiful martial art. Jarvis has been training at our school for more than 5 years after he decided to join his little son in training. ....

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  • Beyond Self-Defense: The Real Benefits of Training Taekwon-Do

    Beyond Self-Defense: The Real Benefits of Training Taekwon-Do

    Martial arts schools love to advertise self-defense as a benefit to training. While this certainly is a plus, most of us who practice hope we never have to use our special set of skills! In fact, I do not take Taekwon-do so that I can defend myself or learn how to use my arms and legs as weapons. In a great martial arts school, you will see benefits that impact your overall health. Here are 3 that make a difference every day. Balance
    Balance is important to everything we do. Don’t take it for granted. Just because you walk easily doesn’t mean you will fall easily. Trips and slips happen to everybody. How your body reacts when it senses you tripping or slipping is ....

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  • Bully-Proof Your Child Through Martial Arts

    Bully-Proof Your Child Through Martial Arts

    Unfortunately, sometimes kids have to face a very common issue at school: Bullying. Either they are being bullied themselves or one of their friends is the victim of the school bully, but it is for sure that they are aware of this type of situations and, they are afraid of facing it or are embarrassed to tell you about it. In this post, we’ll provide you some tips to help your child.

    The 3 P’s to Empower Your Child


    We can prevent a fight by being aware of a bully before he/she is aware of us. Avoiding the bully is prevention. Traditional Taekwondo teaches the students to avoid the fight as long as possible because martial arts gives you a huge advantage and the ....

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  • How to Choose a Taekwondo School

    How to Choose a Taekwondo School

    Nowadays you can find a Taekwondo school
    in almost every corner, the questions are: Are they all the same? How do I choose the right one? Since the Taekwondo boom in America, many academies and schools have appeared in the market offering their training programs. Many of them just taking advantage of the good business opportunity and a few with a real interest in passing the real teachings, philosophy, and techniques of Traditional Taekwondo. How do I find the right Taekwondo school? Find Your Style
    First, you have to understand that there are different styles of this martial art. The most recognized styles are ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) and WTF (World Taekwondo ....

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  • Martial Arts Summer Camp 2019

    Martial Arts Summer Camp 2019

    Hey parents!
    Are you looking for cool activities for your kids this summer? Here’s the best option for you and your kids. Summer is around the corner and our Martial Arts Summer Camp 2019 is ready and open for registrations. Do not accept less for your child. We know how important it is for you to have your child in a safe and educational environment. That’s why our Summer Camp 2019 provides a wide range of age-appropriate activities such as games, crafts, field trips and educational activities that stimulate creativity and develop team-work and leadership skills. Each week will offer your child a variety of events that will also enhance their Martial Arts skills while ....

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  • Spring Break Camp 2019 - Taekwondo fun for the kids!

    Spring Break Camp 2019 - Taekwondo fun for the kids!

    Spring break is around the corner! Don’t panic, we are now enrolling for our super fun Spring Break Camp 2019
    . We know that you, like most parents, would still have to work during this school break. Do not worry, we got you! This year we have a bunch of great activities and field trips planned for the kids. Just register, drop off your kids at our location and we’ll take it from there. Date
    : From March 25 to March 29 Time
    : 7:00 am – 5:30 pm Location
    : 6843 Stirling Rd, Davie, FL 33314 Kids always have so much fun at our camps. Don't let yours miss out. Register today! Some activities included:

    Daily Taekwondo Training
    Daily Field Trips
    Park Action Fun ....

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  • 82nd Annual Orange Blossom Parade

    82nd Annual Orange Blossom Parade

    The Annual Orange Blossom Festival, Parade and Rodeo 2019
    is around the corner and we want to invite you all to be part of it. Let’s gather parents and students to decorate our float for the parade and participate expecting to stand out of the crowd as we usually do. Remember the first-place award we won last year? This year’s theme will be “The Spirit of Davie”, celebrating the heritage and roots as an agricultural community. So, come dressed in your best cowboy or cowgirl attire and let’s celebrate together! We are already working on our costumes and cool ideas for our display. Come have a great time at the Davie parade as part of our Taekwondo family. ....

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  • FREE Women's Self-Defense Workshop

    FREE Women's Self-Defense Workshop

    FREE WORKSHOP! Last week we had our first Women’s Self-Defense Workshop
    of the year, and it was a success thanks to your participation. In this first workshop Grandmaster, Nestor Cerda taught five basic self-defense techniques to react when being attacked in different scenarios. These techniques are easy to learn but you need to keep practicing in order to gain more confidence and to let your brain and muscles internalize each movement so they can be triggered to be performed automatically when the situation requires so. Stay tuned for our next Women’s Self-Defense Workshop , you will learn new techniques to protect yourself in other situations. ....

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  • Taekwon-Do Form Diagrams

    Taekwon-Do Form Diagrams

    A very important part of your Taekwondo
    training is practicing the forms or patterns (originally called hyeong , also teul ). They are sequences of movements that allow the students to develop proper kinetics, strengthening the mind-body connection when performing the techniques on each step. There are 19 forms in Traditional Taekwondo, and they are performed in accordance with The Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do written by General Choi Hon-Hi in 1983. It could be hard for some students to remember all the movements of each form, that’s why we want to provide you with these cool diagrams to study and practice the sequences of the first 10 Taekwondo patterns. You can ....

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  • The Real Meaning of Taekwondo

    The Real Meaning of Taekwondo

    What is Taekwondo?
    It would be easy to just say it is a Korean martial art, but it wouldn’t be no fair to simplify it at that level. Yes, Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, but there’s more to it. In this post, we want to present you with 3 main perspectives to help you deepen your understanding of this discipline. Translated literally from Korean, Tae Kwon Do means “the way or discipline of foot and fist”. The first impression we get from this brings to our minds the fighting part, the punches, kicks and defense techniques that you learn when practicing Taekwondo. Physical Perspective
    From this point of view, Taekwondo is the discipline that ....

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