Grandmaster Nestor Cerda Martial Arts Instructor in Davie

Grandmaster Nestor Cerda in Davie and Cooper City - Traditional Taekwon-Do Center Of Davie

Grandmaster Nestor Cerda

  • 1988- Started training with Master Kwon. Over the past 21 years, Nestor has attended seminars given by Master Kwon in the United States in Florida, New York, Virginia, Puerto Rico, Germany, and Korea
  • 1990- Received 1st Dan (1st Degree Black belt) 
  • 1993- Received 2nd Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt)
  • 1996- Received 3rd Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt)
  • 2003- Received 4th Dan (4th Degree Black Belt)
  • 2006- Received 5th Dan (Master Degree)
  • 2015- Received 6th Dan (Grandmaster Degree)
  • 1994- Master Kwon Seminar New York
  • 1995- October in Munchen, Eriangen an Augsburg Germany, Master Kwon Seminar
  • 1996- Received 3rd Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt), Charity Make a Wish Foundation Demo.
  • 1997- 5th Avenue Black Belt Seminar New York
  • 2002- 10 Year Anniversary in Virginia - 10 Year Anniversary in Davie, Florida
  • 2003- October in Bevefizgala, Stadisaa - November in Seoul and Pusan, Korea
  • 2005- July, 25 Year Anniversary in Earlansen, Germany - October, 40 Year Anniversary in Europe
  • 2006- Received 5th Dan (5th Degree Black Belt) 
  • 2007- Spring Seminary in Germany
  • 2008- 15 Year Anniversary - I Care I Cure Fundraiser and HANDY Fundraiser, Davie, Fl


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