Martial Arts Reviews in Davie

  • Taj M , Traditional Taekwon-Do Center Of Davie Testimonials

    This is the most Traditional Taekwondo experience you can find. I have been with Master Nestor Cerda for over 12 years and now my 6 year old son has been training with hm for 2 years.There are not many experiences that can teach self discipline, respect, work ethic, and integrity than this form of Taekwondo.It is also the best cardio workout that also incorporates a discipline of the mind and spirit as well as the body.

    Taj M
  • Sophia P., Traditional Taekwon-Do Center Of Davie Testimonials

    I moved my son from one TaeKwon Do school two months ago to Traditional Taekwon Do Center of Davie. My son wasn't improving at the other school. Since I moved him to Traditional Taekwon Do Center of Davie, I'm amazed at how he has improved his technique and skills. I'm happy with the changes as well as my son.

    Sophia P.
  • Sherry and Johanna, Traditional Taekwon-Do Center Of Davie Testimonials

    Best Taekwondo school ever! Master Nestor Cerda 6th dan is the real deal. Genuinely cares for each and every student teaching them discipline honesty integrity so they can reach their highest potential.

    Sherry and Johanna
  • Mr. Jarvis
  • Kyosah-Nim Jack
  • Lisa
  • My son has always been well disciplined but I asked for a program that would teach him to be confident in himself. My son's confidence has improved so much in a short time. His strength, physical, and mental focus has improved so much...and it's just the beginning! I would recommend Traditional Tae Kwon Do Center of Davie to anyone of all ages.

  • This school is great! It is helping my child with his confidence.He used to be very shy but now he is more outgoing.

  • J. Bush, Traditional Taekwon-Do Center Of Davie Testimonials

    I absolutely love this place. The people are friendly and well organized. My child has been with the after school program for a short while and he is well disciplined already. I'm overall very satisfied. I highly recommend this program to everyone.

    J. Bush
  • Traditional Taekwondo Center of Davie is the very best! Master Nestor Cerda has been an incredible influence on my children. I'm so grateful we found this school!

    Jessica R.
  • Satisfied Student

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